Overcome Your Fear of Water by James F. Gable


The first documented application of a technique similar to ours was by a brilliant psychotherapist, Dr Roger Callahan. A recent online search produced the following information:

The inspiration for the development of Callahan’s new approach came in 1980, when he successfully experimented with a revolutionary method to treat a woman’s phobia of water. The woman, known as Mary, had made limited progress (i.e., she was no better) after several months of cognitive therapy and desensitization treatments.

Dr Callahan reported that Mary’s lifelong fear had disappeared within a matter of minutes after applying this new method.

You are about to discover a powerful method to overcome your fear of water. Sometimes referred to as a fear of drowning, the technical name of this fear is aquaphobia. This course will show you how to completely overcome your fear. You only have to follow a few simple step-by-step instructions. Once your fear is gone, it will almost certainly never return.

Just how powerful is this method? As a very wise friend says:

“This method only works…about…100% of the time.”

You don’t even have to get wet! You see, the subconscious mind doesn’t differentiate between actually experiencing a frightening situation and imagining yourself in that situation. We can use this to your advantage. Once you have removed the fear from an imagined situation, that fear will be absent when you’re placed in the actual situation.

Aren’t you tired of this needless suffering? And of feeling so terribly limited? Wouldn’t you like to finally regain some control over your life?

We invite you now to eliminate your fear. Permanently!

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