Poker: All In Your Head by Jay Goodson


To win consistently at the poker table requires both Luck and Skill.

1) Lady Luck smiled the instant you discovered this little book.

2) Applying the skills inside this book can change your life at the tables.

You probably already know that genuine tells develop from the inside-out. They begin with a fear-response deep in your subconscious mind, and then show up for the world to read on your face, body, or in your behavior.

What if you discovered a reliable way to control your own tells? Without anybody knowing.

By control, we mean to regulate, remove, fake, or even reverse a genuine tell?  From the inside out. How’s this for a poker skill?

To accomplish this, you could attend four years of medical school after college and receive your MD degree, master and practice Hypnotherapy, master and practice Energy Medicine, practice for several years as a Professional Anxiety Relief Specialist, and…???

But wait! Members of our team have already done all that! Wouldn’t it be a wiser move to just purchase this little book?

This way everybody wins, except for your opponents at the poker table, who will never know.

Odds are, you’ll never tell.

Ready to take your play to the next level?

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