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Best Books to Help with Stress and Anxiety | Self Solutions

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Best Books to Help with Stress and Anxiety

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Best Books to Help with Stress and Anxiety | Self Solutions

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"Our purpose in life is to help others. If you can't help them, at least don't hurt them."

Dalai Lama


(The following is a sample of Self-Help Testimonials. For a more complete review, AND to learn what readers are saying about our Novels, click below on "Read More Testimonials," or visit our "Testimonials" page via the Navigation bar at the top of each page.)


“In my first year of law school, I faced moderate anxiety whenever I had to speak up in class. The mere thought of answering a question in front of my peers was daunting, let alone the idea of standing in a courtroom filled with people. It was then I realized I needed help to overcome this challenge. Remarkably, after just two hours of applying the techniques and insights provided by Anxiety Solutions, my anxiety diminished significantly. My fear of public speaking has vanished, allowing me to engage with any size group with complete ease.” Donald Miller, “future” Attorney at Law; Denver, CO.


“I was so afraid of flying that I had to take two Xanax tablets plus a couple of glasses of wine before I could walk down a concourse toward a departure gate. I also stopped in every bathroom along the way, which made me wonder, 'can anxiety cause nausea?' because each step towards the plane made me feel sicker. I spent one entire flight in the floor of the plane’s bathroom, crying and throwing up. The experience was so harrowing that I finally just gave up and drove wherever I had to go. My daughter gave me an audiobook from Anxiety Solutions for Christmas, and I thought she meant it as a joke. But, believe me, it’s no joke. Two days after I started listening to their system, I knew I was okay to fly. My fear quickly went completely away. So I flew to New York to see my daughter that next weekend. Now I can’t wait to fly to Europe next summer. I’ve already booked my reservations.” Dee Burleson, Salt Lake City, UT.


"I have hated spiders ever since I was a little kid. Those horrible furry legs, and the way they dart about without warning. It's funny how that fear also came with those dizzy spells, almost like those anxiety vertigo symptoms you read about, but I never made the connection until later. Then I heard about Anxiety Solutions. A few days after I completed their system, I cleaned out my garage with no fear whatever. I saw several spiders, but I ignored them and they ran away from me. I like having my control back." Derek Whitman, Cincinnati, OH.


“I couldn’t even say the word, “snakes” without shivers running up my spine. Oh, how I hated them. Interestingly, alongside my fear, I started noticing anxiety vertigo symptoms whenever I’d even think about snakes, feeling dizzy and unsteady, as if my fear was physically spinning me around. My husband noticed this and ordered an audiobook from Anxiety Solutions, insisting that I listen to it. Well, let me tell you, it started working from day one. In no time at all, I could watch snakes on TV without being afraid and without feeling those dizzy spells. I watched a black snake crawl across our backyard last week, and it didn’t scare me at all. To tell the truth, it was very interesting to observe the way it moved.” Doreen McAllister, Palm Harbor, FL.


"I’ve been terrified of needles since I was a child. I can still remember the battles every time I had to see my pediatrician. My fear was so intense that I avoided doctors ever since because I was so afraid of getting a shot. This fear wasn't just about the needles; the mere thought of a doctor's visit could make me feel nauseous, leading me to wonder, 'can stress cause nausea?' Even my dentist had to sedate me before he could work on my teeth, because the anxiety about the impending procedure would make me physically ill. One day, the dentist’s receptionist saw my distress and told me about Anxiety Solutions, and it changed my life. I completed Dr. Smithdeal’s system in three days, as suggested, and haven’t been afraid since. It’s actually hard to remember why I was ever afraid in the first place. I don’t feel a thing when I get a shot now. It really is no big deal. Thank you, Dr. Smithdeal!" Karen Forbes, Wichita KS.


“Since I can remember, I’ve been afraid to take a tub bath in more than two inches of water. I couldn’t bear to look at a lake or the ocean. I was terrified of drowning my entire life. Coincidentally, while researching ways to conquer my fear, I stumbled upon the concept of 'piercing for anxiety', which intrigued me as an additional method to explore. However, the real turning point came when I learned about Anxiety Solutions's website. Three days after I started applying their system, my fear vanished. I mean, it completely went away and has not come back. Not once. I’m amazed and forever grateful. I feel like a normal human being.” Frances Royal, San Diego, CA.

CLAUSTROPHOBIA (Fear of Enclosed Spaces):

"For years, I panicked anytime I went into a room without windows. I couldn’t even drive into an underground garage without my heart nearly jumping out of my chest. The overwhelming sensations of not being able to breathe and needing to escape as quickly as possible were symptoms that, I later learned, were linked to an unspecified anxiety disorder. However, just two days of using the technique provided by Anxiety Solutions completely fixed all that. While I still prefer rooms with windows, it's not because of fear anymore. The issue feels so distant now; it’s really not all that important to me anymore." Robert White, Montgomery, AL.


"No matter how much I studied or how well I thought I knew the material, I just couldn’t remember the answers when I took a test. Pop quizzes were the worst. It was like my mind shut down or something. A teacher told my mom about Anxiety Solutions, so she got a book on fear removal for me. I thought it was sort of dorky at first, but I did what they said anyway. I figured it couldn’t make things any worse. To my surprise, all of my anxiety disappeared almost immediately. Now when I take a test, it’s like I was never afraid in the first place. The answers just pour out of my head like from some fountain of knowledge. I’m impressed! And my grades show it." Evelyn Stanley, Kerrville, TX.


"I have never liked bridges, even low ones. But I would drive fifty miles out of my way before I would go over the Skyway Bridge between St Pete and Sarasota. The problem was that I live in St Petersburg and have to call on customers in Bradenton and Sarasota. One of my customers found out about my problem and told me about Anxiety Solutions. What a break for me! I completed the entire course in two days, and haven’t had a problem with bridges since. I had even considered moving out of Florida once because of all the bridges and canals and so forth. Thanks, Anxiety Solutions. Your system really works!" Glenn Franklin, St Petersburg, FL.


"When I heard about the books on Anxiety Solutions, I hadn’t left my house in almost two years. I ordered an audiobook immediately and started practicing what it showed me. I followed it step-by-step and the instructions were very clear and easy to follow. I felt better about my situation that first evening. The next day, I went out on my front porch and looked around without any fear. Two days later, I went to the super market by myself. Since that day, I go wherever I want and I’m not afraid at all. What a blessing! Thank you, Anxiety Solutions. Your system is amazing!" Margaret Whitten, Hoboken, NJ.


"Looking back on it, I probably started feeling uncomfortable around groups of people when I was in college. But it got progressively worse over the years. For the past ten years, I avoided all gatherings of any kind. In a crowded room, I felt as though I would suffocate if I couldn’t escape and get outside by myself. It was during this time of struggle, while researching Social Anxiety Disorder on the Internet one night, that I stumbled upon a mention of 'piercing for anxiety' as a minor aid for some. This piqued my curiosity, but what truly made a difference was when I discovered the Anxiety Solutions website. I ordered a book on why I am so afraid and followed the instructions. Three days later, I purposely went into crowded stores to test myself, and I had no fear at all. Now I go to parties, church functions, weddings, and more. I feel like a normal human again. Thank you, Anxiety Solutions." Maryanne Taylor, Macon, GA.


"I think it began when I was about five years old, but I’ve been terrified of going to a doctor since I can remember. I do recall my mother having to hold me down while the pediatrician tried to look in my mouth and ears and so forth. They had to wrap me in a tight sheet to give me a shot. So I haven’t gone for treatment a lot of times when I knew I should. I was too scared of what they might do to me. My husband ordered an eBook for me and helped me read through it and practice what it showed us to do. I felt different about doctors almost immediately. Three days later, I called my husband’s doctor and went in for a checkup. It wasn’t a bad experience at all and I’m not afraid anymore. I know that I can do whatever a doctor asks me to in the future, so I’ll be taking better care of myself from here on. The book was on a website, Anxiety Solutions." Danielle Martinson, Topeka, KS.


"The one time I tried to eat in a restaurant with a view from on top of a building, I ran out crying. I was so frightened that I actually thought I was going to have a heart attack. Interestingly, before discovering the method on Anxiety Solutions, I came across a reference to 'ketamine for anxiety' during my search for effective treatments. This intrigued me as part of my quest to overcome my fears. However, it was less than an hour after I started using the method described on Anxiety Solutions that my fear went away. I actually felt the fear leaving my body. It felt like a miracle. This is the most amazing system I have ever seen or heard of." Charlotte Evans, Columbia, SC.


"I don’t know which was worse, the terror I felt anytime I had to go to the dentist, or my embarrassment from acting like a three-year old. I’m thirty five and I’ve been afraid of the dentist since I can remember. My son purchased an audiobook for me. It was so interesting that I listened to the entire system in one night, and did what they showed me. I also completely removed my fear that same night. It truly is amazing. It’s simple, it’s fast, and it works! Thank you, Anxiety Solutions. I’m okay going to the dentist now and I don’t embarrass myself anymore." Harland Clark, Little Rock, AR.

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