The Stress Relief Bible by Deborah Leigon, PhD, CHt


FINALLY! Stress Relief that Works!

Common issues that cause anxiety and stress include the following: Financial worries, Problems with a marriage or other personal relationships, Problematic work situations, Frightening health issues, Concerns over raising children, Religion, and more.

ALL stressful situations have a common bond, and it isn’t money or sex. The common bond is FEAR.

Inside this book, you will discover how stress, fear, and anxiety affect our bodies and minds. Or, you can go straight to proven solutions, and feel better, fast. Let this Professional Anxiety Relief Specialist provide explanations AND solutions for you.

How do these solutions compare with others that you’ve tried?

These actually work!

If you ever intend to find relief for your personal anxiety and stressful issues, when would be a good time to begin?

The author and publisher invite you to join us now.


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