The New Sports Psychology by Jay Goodson & Robert Carter


Finally! A method that works!

Do you know how it feels to hit a perfect serve on the tennis court? What about sinking that long putt to win a tournament? Or that crucial 3-point basket as the final buzzer sounds?

Have you ever made such a play? Do you repeat it whenever you want?

You can.

The ability to duplicate your best performances is stored in your memory banks right now. Your body already knows how – IF – you can get one limiting factor out of the way.

Are you guilty of self-sabotage? Do your emotions ever get you into trouble? Interfere with your game?

By applying the exciting new method inside this book, you can end these problems in 3 Easy Steps, starting today.

Isn’t it time to improve your performance, and take control of your game once and for all?

We invite you to join us now.

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