THE Success Secret by John J Carnegie


THE SECRET is based on the law of attraction, which absolutely works. For a few people, it even delivers what they desire.

But the law of attraction doesn’t seem to work for millions of others. Why?

Also, the basic premise of Napoleon Hill’s groundbreaking THINK AND GROW RICH was: Anything the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

The human mind easily conceives of things. Don’t you often dream about what you want? Lots of money, a big house, good health, or a loving partner? For some, it’s a high-school education or enough food on the table to keep a hungry child from starving.

Conceiving of things is easy. So is picturing what you hope to attract. Believing at a core level that you’ll attain them, however, becomes a different proposition altogether.

If people innately believed that great success was available to them, there would be little need for books or videos on how to become wealthy or happy. Everybody would already have whatever success they desire.

So, what is the real secret to success and happiness? Or is there one?

There definitely is.

Inside this book, you are about to discover the SECRET BEYOND The Secret. You will also learn exactly how to make the LAW of ATTRACTION and NAPOLEON HILL’S MISSING PRINCIPLE work for you.

Isn’t it time to claim the success you have dreamed of for so long?

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