Golf: All In Your Head, by Jay Goodson


“Fear of any kind is the number one enemy of all golfers, regardless of ball-striking and shot-making capabilities.” – Jack Nicklaus

“Of all the hazards, fear is the worst.” – Sam Snead

Have you ever hit a perfect drive on the golf course? Sunk a really difficult putt? Can you do this every time?

The ability to duplicate those shots exists right now in your subconscious memory banks. Your body knows how to hit those exact shots on command – IF – you can get one critical factor out of the way.

Have you ever felt that you might be your own worst enemy on the golf course?

Could you be guilty of self-sabotage?

By applying the information provided here, you can improve your game in 3 Easy Steps.

Let a Professional Anxiety Relief Specialist show you exactly how to access amazing information stored in your subconscious mind and muscle memory. Stop Self-sabotage.

How does this method compare with others you have tried?

This one actually works!

Would you like to remove a major limitation from your game?

Why not start today?

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