BITCOIN/CRYPTOS: Trading Without Fear


Did you know that FEAR interferes with your ability to think clearly? To make sound decisions? Do you also realize that the act of self-sabotage is a direct result of fear?

The Fear and Greed Index was originally developed by CNN-Money to measure two primary emotions of traders in the stock market. This index is based on the logic that immense fear can lower stock prices, while immense greed can raise stock prices. Some traders use this tool today to address the extreme volatility in the Bitcoin market. Others find the tool useful to help evaluate additional markets as well.

Too many traders are unaware that anger, frustration, doubt, insecurity, regret, and indecision are direct expressions of one emotion: FEAR.   Among those who are aware, almost none knows how to remove fear from their trading decisions or from their life.

The author and publisher of this work understand how fear can interfere with trading decisions. We also know exactly how to REMOVE this fear response.

Your interest in the crypto market is a strong indicator that you keep an open mind about new concepts and ideas.


You are about to learn a method of fear removal that has a great deal in common with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Similar to all blockchain technology, this method is quite different from anything the world has seen before. The un-informed often consider it strange. This method is new, exciting, and revolutionary.

Plus, there is one very important difference between our method and more traditional methods that you may have tried:

This method works!

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